Ways to Stay Sane through Crowdfunding Campaign


Crowdfunding definitely has its up moments, but there is a price to every success story. For those who are directly involved with a crowdfunding campaign, the price is often their sanity during the time the campaign is live. From the questions that arrive at 2am to the 7am strategy sessions that you or your employer wants to have on the same day, it’s understandable to see why some folks feel like they lose their minds.

The good news is that you can keep your sanity during your next crowdfunding campaign. Here’s how you’re going to be able to do it.

1. Stay Focused on the Outcome

Most crowdfunding campaigns are started for a wide variety of reasons. There isn’t just one specific goal that needs to be accomplished if a campaign will be truly successful. Because of this, it can be difficult to stay focused on the overall outcomes because every subordinate goal becomes a stress point of emphasis. Metrics are good for measuring, but not everything can be measured.

2. Keep Your Priorities Stable

When you have a crowdfunding campaign that is active, it’s very tempting to keep refreshing the page to see what your current investment tally happens to be. Obsessing over these numbers can drive people to midnight sessions of carpal tunnel development as they constantly click their touchpads or mouse. Take off all notifications except for questions or comments and try to respond to those in a timely fashion.

3. Stay Within Your Limits

You’ll get a lot of good ideas on a crowdfunding campaign. You’ll be tempted to tell people “Yes!” a whole lot, but you may not have the ability to actually do all of the things that you’d like to be able to do. Making promises you can’t keep is the easiest way to lose your sanity when you are running a crowdfunding campaign. Sometimes you’ve just got to say “No” even if you don’t want to say it.

4. Allow Yourself to be Imperfect

Crowdfunding is more popular than ever before. Campaigns that once found success may not see the same amount of success today. Mistakes are going to be made. Not every project is going to get funded, even if you follow all of the best advice that the Internet has to offer. Be gentle on yourself and find contentment in the fact that being imperfect is still a part of the human condition. You can’t force anyone to invest anything into your ideas.

The best way to keep your sanity during the crowdfunding campaign is to take care of yourself. You don’t have to respond to every message in five minutes when five hours will do just fine. There is only so much energy that you have during the day and forcing yourself to go beyond your comfort level is a fast way to find stress and discomfort. Keep these tips in mind the next time you start crowdfunding and you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more.