What is EFT Meditation and How Does It Work?

Stress is a silent killer and too often ignored as a legitimate medical threat. One of the reasons is that many deaths are attributed to the symptoms of stress and not stress itself. This is why it is important to use any technique available to lower stress levels, especially in the times we are living in.


By Dr. Mercola

Dawson Church,1 Ph.D., is a leader in the energy psychology movement, one of the most common forms being the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which I have promoted for years. Church investigated and built on the EFT techniques developed by Gary Craig2 in the 1990s (which in turn was a derivative of the founder of energy tapping, Roger Callahan’s, work).

  • While the SARS-CoV-2 infection itself has been shown to be far less lethal than initially suspected, government responses to it have led to an epidemic of fear and stress, which can have serious health consequences
  • When you think a negative thought, when you feel fear, your cortisol level starts to rise and chronically high cortisol produces all kinds of ill effects in your body
  • Our brains are hard-wired and evolutionarily adapted to pay attention to potential threats. As a result, most of us need to train our brain to notice the positive and to feel gratitude
  • Eco meditation, developed by Dawson Church, Ph.D., incorporates several proven techniques shown to induce rapid changes in your brain to increase positivity and well-being
  • Eco meditation includes tapping, neurofeedback techniques, mindfulness, HeartMath’s quick coherence technique and various breathing techniques. When you do these together, they reinforce each other

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