Where Crowdfunding is Dominating in Europe


Crowdfunding isn’t just finding a home in the United States. There are several economies in Europe that have embraced crowdfunding as a way to encourage growth at the local level. In some ways, the crowdfunding industry is even more developed in Europe because equity crowdfunding has not only been approved, but is has 12+ months of success behind it already.

If you’re thinking about a European crowdfunding investment, then here are the 5 most developed economies on the continent where an investment can be made.

1. The United Kingdom

There’s no denying the influence that the UK has had on the crowdfunding industry. It implemented crowdfunding around the same time as it took off in the US and now has a net industry worth of €3.56 billion. New tax breaks are in place to encourage future growth and equity crowdfunding here is being used as a model for the industry to grow around the world.

2. France

Even though it may only have a net value of €253 million, the growth of crowdfunding in France is something which needs to be noted. In 2009, there were just two active platforms that encouraged French entrepreneurs. Now there are more than 70 platforms and growth is off the charts. Even public money is being used to encourage economic growth through crowdfunding.

3. Germany

Germany has a well-established crowdfunding marketplace. At €236 million, many might question why it would be considered one of the top markets for an investment. It’s because of the emphasis on peer-to-peer lending that happens in Germany. Almost all of the crowdfunding industry in this nation is based on P2P.

4. The Netherlands

It is in the early stages of development, but crowdfunding in the Netherlands has the potential for amazing growth in the future. Currently valued at €155 million, the government is beginning to get involved with supporting the industry. As it continues to mature, it will become less fractured and more influential within the economy.

5. Spain

Crowdfunding is being held back in this nation because of its struggles to get out of a recession. With legislation supporting the industry, the €101 million in value right now is just the start of something that could be incredibly special. Limits on the amount that can be raised will naturally cap the overall industry, but there are many ground floor opportunities available right now.

Crowdfunding is getting ready for explosive growth in Europe. Now is the time to get involved. Choose your preferred market and find a project you can support today so that tomorrow’s advantages can become your advantages.