Who Is the Average Kickstarter Backer


Crowdfunding websites are rising in popularity because they are a wonderful platform to raise money for almost any project. From new books to new films and every new business product you can dream about, Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs to pursue backers that can create realities for them that were not imaginable in the past.

In order to taste Kickstarter success, a campaign needs to set a few goals. It needs to become attractive to the average Kickstarter backer so that they’ll want to contribute to the fresh ideas. According to the statistics of successful campaigns, those that are funded the most often tend to raised less than $10,000. Who are the people behind the donation screens that you’ll want to attract to your campaign? Let’s take a look.

The Average Kickstarter Backer Multiple Campaigns

There have been more than 7 million people have invested into a project at least once. Over 2 million individuals have financed more than one campaign. If you are thinking about launching your own crowdfunding campaign, then finding a way to reach these millions of potentials and backers is necessary for success.

The Average Kickstarter Backer is Someone You Know Personally

Although millions have been active on this crowdfunding platform, it is still a rather small community. You will run into entrepreneurs that you have run into in the past on previous campaigns. You will also run into backers that have a presence in your own local community. Build relationships with these repeat encounters and you will have a better chance for success. Without a network, it is nearly impossible to achieve 100% funding.

The Average Kickstarter Backer Wants to Know What’s in it For Them

If you have an active crowdfunding campaign that is based on rewards provided, then you need to provide backers with something tangible and valuable. Not many people are going to donate a lot of money for a keychain or a thank you tweet. They will, however, send you a decent amount of cash if you can provide them something of value. Most campaigns are for charity. They are for profit. Backers need to see profits too.

The Average Kickstarter Backer Wants to See a Campaign That is Extremely Organized

No one wants to back a campaign that is destined to lose. Everyone loves to back a winner. That’s why the average supporter wants to see graphics that show the value of your idea. They want to see videos that have detailed explanations about where their money is going to go. Your campaign is a reflection of the quality of your creativeness, as well as your ability to market and sell something to someone else. If you can create an awesome campaign that looks valuable, then you have a better chance of winning the average backer’s support.

With a well thought-out plan, you can attract the average Kickstarter backer to your campaign. That’s a good thing if it happens. Not only will you get direct support, but you’ll also form the foundations of a network that can help promote future ideas too.