Why Are We Not Being Told the Whole Truth About The Coronavirus?


People Still Trust The Corporate Media?

There is an interesting phenomenon happening in our country. If you poll most people they will tell you they do not trust the mainstream corporate news media, yet most people still believe the news, especially in times of crisis. I think this is just part of our cultural programming that is difficult to break free from. It’s this deeply ingrained cultural programming that allows us to be so easily manipulated. The corporate media dominates the narrative, whether it be through traditional sources or even online as of the last several years. Fortunately, there are scores of citizen journalists that are investigating this Coronavirus event and questioning the corporate media narrative. Not surprisingly, they’re coming up with very different information. I think it is important that people hear the other side of the story that the corporate media purposely ignores.


Question Everything!

I don’t know if this virus is as dangerous as we are told, but I do have my reservations about how we are reacting to it, and what legislation will get passed as a result. Some people think it’s a little worse than the flu. I think we should all be cautious until we have more credible information to work with. I do know, whenever the corporate media sensationalizes a story with 24/7 wall to wall coverage, there is usually an agenda at play. With that said, we need to really question what is going on here. This is an unprecedented event in our history, particularly in regard to our reaction to this pandemic. It just feels like something bigger is happening and we won’t know what it is until it’s over. Is this a planned-demic or scam-demic like many are calling it? I don’t know. But politicians and the corporate media “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Usually, following an event such as this one, more of our freedoms are removed. There are also too many holes in the official story to take this at face value. I embedded several videos made by citizen journalists that tell a very different story than what the corporate media and our government agencies are telling us.

James Corbett

James Corbett from the Corbett Report discusses the real numbers in Italy’s fatality rate using mainstream sources. Many reported deaths from Covid-19 are being recorded inaccurately. If someone dies of heart disease and is asymptomatic with the coronavirus, they’re being falsely categorized as dying from the virus. In fact, it appears that many deaths are from people with pre-existing conditions in the older age groups. It also appears that there is a concerted effort by the media to whip people into a frenzy over this event. Is there an intentional effort to skew the numbers in favor of more deaths attributed to the virus than there really are? Why?

Dana Ashlie

Dana Ashile made this compilation video of citizen journalists visiting hospitals. We were told by the media that some of these hospitals were completely overwhelmed, but people on the ground at the hospitals find them empty with very little activity. Why did CBS News run a story about the Coronavirus with video footage from a hospital in Italy claiming it was in New York? Why are testing centers empty? Again, we should be cautious until we know more but we should also question everything we are being told too. There are too many inconsistencies and coincidences with this story that needs to be brought to light and discussed further. I’m sure we’ll know a lot more in a few months. Until then, we need to keep our cool and question everything we see and hear. I have a feeling life will be different after this pandemic.