Why Bitcoin Is So Special & Why You Need To Allocate a Small Portion Of Your Portfolio To BTC Now!

Bitcoin has been declared dead hundreds of times but it keeps coming back stronger. Why is Bitcoin so resilient or antifragile and why does the "Bitcoin bubble" keep reinflating higher? What makes Bitcoin such a good investment in the coming years?


I am not a financial advisor and this is NOT financial advice! This is an opinion based on speculation. There are many risks with any investment and Bitcoin is no different. There is a multitude of events/circumstances that can make any investment extremely risky, especially cryptocurrencies.

With that said, a small portfolio allocation in Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies can go a long way toward protecting (and growing) your wealth from the many uncertainties looming on the financial horizon.

Below are three videos that illustrate the importance of this new technology that’s so misunderstood by so many people. There are many more excellent interviews that get into sound money and freedom aspects of Bitcoin. I chose these three videos because they can get most people acquainted with the attributes that make Bitcoin so special from an investment standpoint.

Bitcoin Attributes –First up is Michael Saylor from Microstrategy. Saylor compares Bitcoin to real estate and other investment opportunities. He explains why BTC is far superior to any piece of real estate or any other investment right now in the physical world. Saylor puts his money where his mouth is too. His company, Microstrategy is one of the largest institutional holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the world.

Bitcoin Cycles –The next video is from Bob Loukas. Bob is an expert in investment cycles and explains why Bitcoin’s “bubble” keeps reinflating higher after every sharp drop. Bob tells us we are at the beginning of a new cycle that will peak again in two years.

Bitcoin Price Potential –The last video is from Bob Kudla from Trade Genius. Bob (and Phil) make the case for Bitcoin surpassing one million dollars in a relatively short period of time due to the adoption and supply aspects of BTC. Bob and Phil speculate that in the near future, the people who own even one Bitcoin will be part of an extremely small minority.

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