Why Niche Crowdfunding Websites Work


In the past few years, niche crowdfunding sites have virtually exploded into a massive money-making machine. There are thousands of crowdfunding platforms that are available today encompassing rewards-based, debt-based, lending-based, and equity-based campaigns, making it possible for every industry and every small business owner to raise the money they need.

These niche crowdfunding websites include every genre and are effective because they bring a targeted focus on the need of a business in a chosen industry. The marketing platform matters because it weeds out the visitors to a campaign page that aren’t really interested in an investment. You instead get to contact people who are specifically looking to participate in your niche. If the value ratios line up to potential profits, you’ll get an investment.

It’s An Automatic Form of Marketing

One of the key components to modern crowdfunding is that a business must market themselves to their potential backers. This is true no matter what kind of crowdfunding campaign is being run. By using a niche platform, a business has an effective way to capture the perfect type of backer for their business and be able to reach that backer.

With that being said, there isn’t a complete elimination of that stranger who is looking for an exciting new opportunity. Whether you’re trying to drive pre-orders for a new product, need charitable donations for your non-profit, or want backers who are willing to trade equity for money, a wider net can be cast within the niche itself and this creates better organic results.

Why the focus on organic results? Because they are more likely to convert into an backer than someone who just stumbles onto a page.

Niche Platforms Are a Natural Place For Affinity

If you’ve ever donated money to someone who is trying to raise cash for charity by participating in an activity, then you’ve participated in an old-fashioned crowdfunding campaign. These campaigns work because they tap into a core need that humanity has: affinity. When people feel like they can come together to do something great and they believe in that cause, then they are very likely to support your campaign.

Although $5 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, try replicating that amount over 10,000 backers at that level. That’s what crowdfunding can do. Instead of having to call your loved ones to get seed money, businesses today can take advantage of the affinity in their niche to get an idea off of the ground. That’s what makes crowdfunding so great today.

Not only will crowdfunding on a niche website open up new doors, it’ll help you walk through the existing ones more effectively. It’s a big opportunity for backers, whether equity is involved or not. There’s a lot of value that a backer receives just by supporting a cause that they truly believe in. That’s what these niche platforms can provide and why they will continue to be successful.