Why People Are Choosing To Become Entrepreneurs


People choose to become an entrepreneur for a wide variety of reasons. It’s a very personal decision to make because it often means assuming a high level of risk for a lifestyle that is already established. Is it right for you? Here are some of most common reasons why people are turning to their entrepreneurial spirit today.

1. Employers Don’t Want Creativity

Some people just don’t fit into the 9-5 daily grind. Maybe they’ve even been disciplined because they take a too “creative” approach to their job duties. People who don’t like being told what the world should be like often use the entrepreneurial spirit to carve out their own little niche.

2. They Want Flexibility

Working 40 hours per week can become a useful routine, but it doesn’t always fit in with the demands of life. What if the kids have a doctor appointment during the day? Or maybe there’s a concert you’d like to see when the boss is telling you to work overtime? Entrepreneurs work longer hours, but they choose which hours to work.

3. A Desire to Follow a Passion

We all have a desire to learn something new. It’s one of the ways we thrive in life. People who are never satisfied with what they are being taught become excellent entrepreneurs because they are always asking questions. If the supervisor says you’re asking too many questions, then maybe there’s an entrepreneurial opportunity awaiting you as well.

4. They Have “Strange” Ideas

Entrepreneurs are forced to think outside the box every day. It isn’t just a catch-phrase on a motivational poster for them. If people keep saying that you’ve got strange ideas or your boss thinks the way you do things is borderline insane, then you’ll fit right in with entrepreneurs who think the exact same way. Logic is great, but it can also limit people.

5. A Desire to Change the World

Entrepreneurs ultimately want to make the world a better place in some way. Finding a niche to make that happen can sometimes be difficult, but everyone does have this opportunity. Even if only a few people have better lives from the pursuit of the entrepreneurial spirit, their worlds have changed for the better and that’s a great thing.

People who want to do things beyond going to work and then coming home 5 days per week are choosing to become an entrepreneur every day. Is there a risk in living a stable paycheck? Of course there is… but there are great rewards that could be waiting at the other end of that decision to follow the entrepreneurial spirit.