Women Could Dominate the Crowdfunding World


Fundraising has always been one of the most difficult tasks that an organization has faced. This is why crowdfunding has been such a joyful addition to the business world. For women especially, it offers the chance to dominate in an industry that has held them back for over a century. Instead of being invited to discuss business, men are using the pretext of a business discussion to make sexual advances.

Women who run crowdfunding campaigns are successful more often and raise more money than men. Despite this fact, there is just 1 campaign run by a woman for every 9 campaigns that are run by a man.

People Are More Likely To Invest Into People In Whom They Relate

This is just a basic fact of life. It’s not bigotry or bias, but comfort. We don’t want to put our money in the mouths of strangers. We want to give it to people who are like us because we trust the characteristics that we see in ourselves when we see it in others. This is why women could dominate the crowdfunding world.

Women entrepreneurs are craving the chance to invest in projects that tell an amazing story that is reflective of their experiences. The only people who can create crowdfunding campaigns that speak to this need are fellow women.

There’s no doubt that raising money is a highly competitive task. Companies explore every available option but one: the inclusion of women.

Only 17% of Companies Have Women on Their Founding Team

Women make more than 80% of the purchasing decisions that happen every day. They have a higher campaign success rate on Kickstarter [70%] than men do [61%]. Yet despite all of the facts and statistics that show women can dominate, less than 1 in 5 business who are doing equity fundraising have a woman on their founding team. Only a fraction of these companies have 2 women on the founding team.

Women have the power to spend over $11 trillion in the United States every year. This is funding that cannot be ignored, but a majority of business still are. If you want your next campaign to stand out when crowdfunding, the facts are clear: put a woman in charge. You’ll have the best chance of tasting the success that you want to head your way.