The Path to Small Business Success

Small Business Stages

A Guide to Delegation for Entrepreneurs
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It is important to evaluate your business and become familiar with the seven stages of small business success. More than 22 million businesses are classified as a solopreneur, operating under a single entity and making less than $100,000 in annual sales. Those that become a mature company make an estimated $20 to $40 million a year and employ between 100 and 200 people. Corporate players consist of only 30,000 businesses on average and employ 200-500 individuals and make anywhere between $40 to $100 million. Garner your own path to small business success by transitioning your company through the stages of success.

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Marc is the founder of Vision Launch Development Group. Vision Launch was created to inspire, empower, and promote social entrepreneurs – and be a vehicle for positive change in the world. Marc is strong proponent of individual freedom, freedom of speech, economic empowerment, open source and decentralized peer to peer solutions.