Who Invented Gummy Bears


Candy is considered to be one of the sweetest foods that people enjoy eating. It comes in two categories; hard an soft. Both of these offer a sweet taste and variety of flavors. For children, the soft candies are better, offering easy to eat and swallow without difficulties. One soft candy that rose in popularity during the last century was gummy bears. This small fruit gum candy is similar to jelly beans but are 2cm or 0.79 in length and bear shaped. These gummies have gained fame due to their taste, shape, and color.

History of the Gummy Bear

The gummy bear was originally made in Germany and first named “Gummibar” and “Gummibarchen.” The main base ingredient of it is gum or gummy Arabic. Hans Riegel, Sr. was a confectioner who came from Bonn and the person who invented the gummy bear. At first, he was working for the Haribo Company until 1920. In 1922, he was motivated by the viewing of trained bears performing in street festivals and markets throughout Europe. This lead to him inventing the “Dancing Bear.” This small size fruit flavored gum candy was offered to people of all ages at a very affordable price.

During the period of hyperinflation in Weiman Germany, Haribo’s fruit gum dancing bear treats were still offered at a reasonable price. This led to its rise in popularity and quickly became one of the most profitable candies in the world. Its success moved forward to the production of other gummy fruits and animals made by Haribo Company. These included worms, hippos, sharks, lobsters, snakes, octopuses, penguins, frogs, apples, hamburgers, oranges, and peaches. These are offered in a standardized form of candy that is small.

The Spread to the United States

In United States, gummy bear candies made by Haribo were offered in different flavors such as lemon, orange, strawberry, and pineapple. Gummy bears have a similarity to Trolli’s Bears. The ingredients that are use in producing gummy bears are gelatin, glucose syrup, food coloring, starch, citric acid, flavoring, starch and sugar. These candies are also made with piscine gelatin or porcine and bovine which are not recommended for vegetarians. Because of this, Haribo made another flavor or version or gummy bear that can be eaten by vegetarians. It doesn’t contain starch pectin which helps them avoid gaining additional excess fats.

Candy Consumption Rates