5 Most Common Crowdfunding Mistakes


A crowdfunding campaign can offer you the opportunity to make a dream into a reality. However, the success of a crowdfunding campaign is only as good as your effort. A variety of mistakes are routinely made by crowdfunders that lead to their ultimate failure. These top tips will help guide you on the right track from making a crowdfunding mistake and bring you closer to raising the funds you seek.

1. Do not forget the ‘why.’
In order to gain the support and attract interest, relay a strong message that outlines the purpose of your crowdfund to gain interest and potential supporters.

2. Talk to people, not the dollar.
Do not focus on just the funds. Bring the human element to your crowdfund and focus on connecting with others.

3. Do not over rely on the use of words.
Drawing your story or goals out can lose attention. Photos are a great option to show the opportunity instead of writing a book for supporters to read.

4. Continue to ask.
Do not just sent out a single flyer or tweet and expect a large turnout and end your crowdfund there. Continue to work towards raising awareness and seeking support through social media, blogging, and your local communities.

5. Have a plan.
You can not find success with no plan. Come up with a list of things to do and write down your ideas. More importantly, take action. If you have an idea to send out an email once a week to a listing of potential supporters than keep to the plan and make it happen.

The most successful crowdfunds require a social innovator that can transform an idea to raise awareness and turn that idea into a reality. Take action now and make an impact.