George Westinghouse Inventions and Accomplishments


Do you want to know some of the greatest inventions of George Westinghouse? If so, you are in the right place. The astounding inventions of George Westinghouse have contributed greatly to the advancement of electricity.

Gas Absorbers

In the year 1910, George Westinghouse invented compressed gas absorbers that were creatively designed for cars. Before gas absorbers were invented, riding in a car was considered to be extremely rough since the early suspensions make use of coil springs or leaf. The leaf springs can be defined as curved pieces found in metal, while the coil spring was a metal piece that had the ability to compress over bumps.

Shock absorbers made use of other gases and pressurized air instead of metal. When added into a car, the absorber would give the ability for pressure to be built. When the car hit a bump, the shock absorber would push back the outside force and ensure a smooth ride. In present time, many models of luxury vehicles implement the use of George Westinghouse’s invention. This idea of his was derived from railroad safety.

As many people traveled by train, George Westinghouse invented train airbrakes during a time no such thing existed. Majority of trains used locomotive brakes manually performed. The brakeman would have to apply the brakes upon the signal of the train engineer.

If a brakeman did not hear the signal of the train engineer, accident s could occur. The advancement from Westinghouse with train airbrakes allowed the train engineer to easily operate the brakes of a train. The compressed air would be located in the tank and release through the pipes to apply in the train’s wheels. This invention is widely used by trains today.


The transformers are considered as one of the greatest inventions of George Westinghouse wherein the transformers have the ability to reduce the power and current that is being used by most cities. With the help of Nikola Tesla, a scientist, and William Stanley, an engineer, the transformer was created. These assist with the minimizing of accidents and fires since transforms play the role of being responsible for the proper distribution and control of electricity flow.

Hydroelectric Power in Niagara Falls

George Westinghouse is the one who built the 1st hydroelectric power that can be found in Niagara Falls in New York. With the excellent success of his inventions, he created and innovated other inventions that would play a vital role in the life of every American.

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