10 Ways to Increase Productivity


We live in a seriously busy world. And most of us are seriously busy because of it. However, you can be more productive if you only try. There are certain techniques that the top business professionals use to get things done quickly and correctly the first time. Want to know their secrets? We have gathered a few of them for you right here. Start doing these things today and you will be more productive than you ever thought possible. All it takes is a bit of planning and time.

Knowing Your Priorities

Be sure to prioritize your tasks. Do things that are important but not urgent, majority of your time. Each day you should compile a list of up to five things you want to get done for the day. Start with your least desirable task and get it out of the way so it won’t weigh your down. Other tasks you wish to avoid should be placed towards the top of the list. Go on about your day and think about the ideal routine you like and stick to it every day. If you have a routine that makes you feel your best, than prioritize it over everything else.


Triage is the buzzword used in some offices that mean sitting down to do everything that interrupts your work day all at once. For some people, this may be email. For others, it may be making important phone calls. Figure out what it is for yourself than schedule a time on your calendar to get these tasks completed. Do as much as you can during that time and pick up again later. Keep your tasks overall as brief as possible. Triage is about making decisions right then as to whom and where to delegate these tasks if possible.

Tuning Out to Tune In

Believe it or not, our fast paced world is not always built for productivity. With so many things happening at once it can be hard to get work done. This is why we encourage you to streamline tasks. Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking can actually slow you down. Stop doing all the little things that take you out of the zone. These include a barrage of media (only keep what you need and love the most), working online (turn off your internet), and not batching similar things together so your can breeze through them easily.