21 Internet of Things Breakthrough Gadgets


Technology is always changing and there are always new products being released on the market. Whether from the technology giants in the world or small independent developers, there is always something new for techies to take advantage of. Below is a list of the 13 coolest technology gadgets.

1. Google Glass

With their ability to connect to the internet, Google Glass has some incredibly interesting features. Users can take advantage of its camera, microphone, and visual display that has put these pieces of wearable technology at the top of the mobile device market.

2. Withings Scale

These scales are WiFi enabled that will detect you based on your weight and percentage of body fat. It also transfers this information directly to your phone.

3. Delphi Connect

If you’re looking for a way to connect to your car through your smartphone, Delphi Connect is the app for you.

4. Sen.se Mother

As a virtual mother, these devices will connect to different sensors to monitor your safety, well-being, and health.

5. Trackdot

For travelers who like to keep track of their luggage while traveling, Trackdot allows you to know when your bag has arrived at its destination and when it is near the luggage belt.

6. Jawbone Up

As another type of wearable device, this cool gadget syncs with your phone to monitor your sleep patterns, calories, and daily activities.

7. Fitbit ZIP

For fitness enthusiasts, the Fitbit ZIP helps to monitor the calories that you burn by participating in different activities.

8. SkyBell

Connected via WiFi, this app allows you to answer your door remotely and receive picture alerts to see who is outside.

9. Moto 360

As one of the first smartwatches, this model is based off of Android and is powered by Google.

10. Smart Tennis Sensor

Developed by Sonly and currently available in Japan, this sensor helps you to improve your tennis game.

11. Septimu Earbuds

Currently in development by Microsoft, these earbuds can be used to determine what type of mood you’re in.

12. LIFX Light Bulb

These bulbs are extremely popular as they are both energy efficient and overall cool gadgets. You can connect to your light bulbs via wifi on your smartphone and control their colors.

13. Smart Ice Cubes

These ice cube gadgets monitor how much you have drank and how fast you are drinking. Plus, they add the extra effect of pulsing to the beat of music.