3 Real World Tips To Help You Find Crowdfunding Success


Modern crowdfunding seems pretty simple. You throw an idea out into the marketplace and then let the crowd tell you if you’re going to succeed or fail, right? Wrong. When you let others dictate your fate, you end up having zero control over the outcome. Negative voices tend to weigh more than positive voices. There is no wisdom in constant negativity. With a strategic approach, however, it is possible to glean the wisdom from those positive voices.

Here’s how you’re going to do it.

Tip #1: Just Go All In

Crowdfunding isn’t something that you can just do halfheartedly. It must be something that you’re willing to commit 100% to doing when you get your campaign active. You can’t listen to the negative voices because there will always be people who hate the idea that you’re throwing out there. Most of the time these are just rants, but pay attention for those nuggets of genuinely good advice that are offered.

Get your thick skin and your active listening ears on. Stay confident in your concept and keep your feet headed in the right direction. This will prevent you from being pulled off of your path or distracted from the voices in the crowd that just want to see you fail.

Tip #2: Develop Your Focus

So many crowdfunding opportunities fail not because the idea is a bad one, but because the campaign organizers are attempting to cast a net that is just too wide. You’ve got to develop your focus so that it stays in just one or two niche areas. Will this limit the audience that receives the crowdfunding campaign in a positive way? Of course it will. It also means that you’ll filter out all of the uninterested parties that will cause distractions as well.

When you gather feedback with your specific focus, you can really test out how your idea is going to work. Maybe it won’t work – that’s still better than being left in a gray area of uncertainty. Either way, when you get genuine feedback from other niche experts in your industry, you’ll know which way your journey needs to go.

Tip #3: Ask the Right Questions

Many of the questions that are asked today are closed questions. A simple “Yes” or “No” answer isn’t good enough when you’re trying to have a successful crowdfunding experience. You need to ask yourself the challenging open-ended questions before you begin and then you need to ask these same questions to your targeted demographic. These questions will help you direct where your goods need to be and you’ll also get to see how your target audience likes to spend their money.

With these real world tips, you can get your next crowdfunding campaign off on the right food. Crowdfunding leads to better revenues because when it is done correctly, there are better products that have been tested and approved by a target audience before those products ever hit the market.