How to Sell Your Idea to Others


Ideas can be very hard to pitch. But there are ways that you can make sure your ideas touch the right audience, no matter how silly they might seem. Once you find a goal and a true audience, run with it. In this article, we will talk about how you can seriously convince others to invest in you and your ideas. We will also talk about the things you must understand and find out before you can reach backers. Lastly, we will tell you who you should be focusing on during a pitch.

Why Ideas Fail

There are really not that many reasons why ideas fail. Some might say it is because an idea is bad. But, really, it is just because the person selling the product did not know who to pitch to or sell it. And when you feel that your idea is not good enough, you may try to overcompensate. Doing this in a pitch makes you seem pretentious, silly, and even a bit bumbling. You must start out building your pitch by finding your goal, as well as your audience. This will strengthen any pitch.

Finding Your Goal

So what kind of goal are we talking about here? You should know the problem you are trying to solve. Think about how your product solves the problem you laid forth. Give three major points where you product or idea addresses the issue. Then, think about what you need to make said product happen. You have just found your goal. This is the perfect skeleton to start building your pitch from. Simply fill in the missing spots of your pitch. For instance, tell backers more about your business, what you are doing, what you need funds for, and what you expect to sell.

Who’s It About?

Remember that a pitch is not about you. It is not about your fantastic idea or your great business model. Instead, it is about the backers. Show them why and how you share their values. Make a personal connection with them. Help them to better understand why investing in your product is a great idea. What will they gain from it? Talk hard numbers, here. Also remember who your backers are. Tailor your pitch to your specific audience. Avoid jargon and/or things your audience would not readily understand. By doing this you will hit a home run every time.