4 Solutions to Drug Trafficking


Drug trafficking is a serious issue in the developed world, but one solution to combat it is rather simple: legalize the drugs. Movements in the US have been successful at legalizing marijuana in several states, with Colorado and Washington leading the way. In the past, other drugs like cocaine have been legal as well. This legality eliminates the need for drug trafficking to even exist in the first place.Here are some more solutions to drug trafficking to consider.

1. Limit prescription opioids.

There are several different painkillers that are available today, including natural remedies, that can be effective at controlling acute or chronic pain. By limiting opioid distribution through prescriptions, the number of abuse cases could also reduce, which would then limit the need for illegal or illicit opioids to continue an addiction later on.

2. Add more law enforcement officers.

If there are specific task force officers assigned to the reduction of drug trafficking in each community, then this would also likely limit the number of individuals involved in this trade. Many officers, in small communities especially, are assigned multiple tasks throughout the day as needed. Adding more personnel with this emphasis only with give these communities the support they need.

3. Educate early.

The “Just Say No” campaign to drugs is just one version of education that could be offered to children. A thorough curriculum that looks at the illegal and illicit drugs for sale, the reasons why people take drugs, and other forms of education may delay or eliminate the desire to experiment with them in the first place.

4. Offer counseling, therapy, and addiction services.

Although many insurance companies do offer comprehensive therapies and treatment services for drug addiction, the cost is far too much for many families. There is a direct correlation to the amount of income an individual makes to the chances that they will be addicted to one or more illicit substances provided through drug trafficking. This is because the poor do not have access to the insurance they can support them or they cannot afford their co-pays for it. Changing this could change how people can recover.

Drug trafficking may seem like a victimless crime to some, but addiction can cause whole communities to suffer. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, though with more ideas like these, we can make a difference.