5 Solutions to End Homelessness


A majority of people who are homeless suffer from at least one mental illness. This health condition can prevent them from being employable, cause social interaction dysfunction, and other daily living issues. One effect solution to end homelessness, therefore, would be to offer treatment and therapy to those who need it without cost. That way they could have the tools to get back onto their feet. Here are some additional solutions to end homelessness to consider as well.

1. Offer people homes.

The tiny home movement is an easy way to offer people a place of shelter that they could call their own. It may not be large, but it’s better than underneath an overpass or some other outdoor location that is exposed to the elements.

2. Open more shelters.

Many shelters in today’s urban centers are completely full most nights, which means a bed isn’t available for everyone who may want one. If more beds were available, it would give more opportunities for people to regroup because they don’t have to worry about being on the street.

3. Encourage vocational re-training.

Some people are on the street because they lost a job and couldn’t find a new one. They’re still looking without success. With vocational training and re-training programs available, they would be able to begin the process of starting over on a more solid foundation.

4. Subsidize foreclosed homes.

Initiating a program like Habitat for Humanity for the tens of thousands of homes that are currently vacant through the foreclosure process could help to get a lot of people off of the street. There is an estimated home available for every person in the US right now because of how many are available. By subsidizing the homes for those who have found a job, finances can be stabilized, a permanent address established, and life can get back to normal.

5. Comprehensive youth programs.

Many of the homeless today are youth. Many youths who are on the street belong to the LGBTQIA community, where assistance and programming is often scarce. Providing safe resources to this group of teens and youths could help them find a new place to call home.

Unfortunately, just one solution is likely not enough to solve the complex issues of homelessness. With more ideas like these being implemented, however, it is an issue that can be addressed.