40 Breakthrough Products for The Internet of Things


Electricity, radio, the telephone and the television were amazing developments. Had such innovations not been realised, we would have lived in a completely different world today. But none of those inventions were witnessed at the time they were invented by anyone of the present generation. The greatest invention or innovation that the people alive have witnessed is the internet. Without internet, we would be living in a completely different world today.

When one thinks of the internet, the first few things that come to mind are emails, messengers, Google searches, websites, social networks, social media, blogs and videos. But those happen to be the obvious byproducts of an innovative development like the internet. It was only a matter of time before information was predominantly available online, when people would get connected on social networks or online communities and when internet surfing speeds would skyrocket from a few bytes per second to several Megabytes in a few moments. The Internet Of Things today is no longer confined to the virtual world. All the aforementioned developments which were essentially byproducts of the internet were restricted to the virtual world. They do not have any manifested presence in the real world, barring the experiences people have.

In the next decade or through the next ten years, the internet of things will be primarily about devices, gadgets, gizmos and apps that have realistic manifestations. The internet of things will transcend from the virtual world to the real to complete a journey that was unthinkable even two decades back.

In ‘The Internet Of Things – A Trillion Dollar Market’, you can explore what awaits everyone in the next ten years. Apps will be a part of everything. Sensors, monitoring by interactive software, different kinds of hardware equipped with technology and being hooked up with the internet in real time with analytical abilities and devices that are still unthinkable for most people will become a part of daily lives.

The slideshow brings to you a plethora of products, many of which are already out, some of which are in developmental phases and some that are in stages of conception. With more than five billion people being connected to the internet by 2020 and with an estimate of more than two hundred billion things, there is a trillion dollar market in the making. Whoever said that the Forbes list will feature people having net worth in trillions in the near future was certainly not daydreaming.