5 Low-Tech Ways To Obtain Angel Investing


There is plenty of advice floating around the internet today about how to use the internet and crowdfunding to find angel investors. These are effective methods to find a cash infusion, but sometimes a functional wheel doesn’t need to be fixed. These 5 low-tech methods still work to find business angels too.

1. Practice Active Listening.

Business angels are very opinionated and offer criticisms freely and routinely. Instead of tuning this out, listen to it. Although it may be difficult to have an idea ripped apart, there is usually a hidden gem of advice stuck in that criticism that can be used to enhance your idea. When business angels see you taking them seriously, they’ll bring you to others who will freely rip you apart too.

2. Share Your Ideas.

You’ve got to put yourself out there. Sure – business angels will criticize your ideas down to the finest details. That never feels good. There’s also the chance that someone could take your idea and use it to their own benefit. Most business angels really don’t care about your ideas. They care about making easy money. Show them you can do that and you’ll start finding some cash.

3. Make An Effort To Meet And Greet.

Would you rather have a $3 discount steak or a $40 filet mignon if you had the choice and money was no issue? You always take the best, so why would you try to meet an “average” business angel? Seek out the top people in your industry and proactively meet them. Get to know them. Don’t settle for an online chat. A handshake and a smile still works today too.

4. Network.

You need to know the right people to effectively network with industry-related business angels. Don’t go to every event. Go to the right events instead. Build trusted relationships with key influencers and you’ll obtain angel investments a lot faster.

5. Be An Expert.

You’re seeking out expertise, but so are business angels. If you don’t know your business inside and out, then all of your efforts will be pointless.

Raising money through business angels will always be tough. If those high-tech methods aren’t working, then break out your old school skills. You might be surprised at how effective they still can be.