5 Reasons We Do Not Remember Presentations


Any person who has taken a college course over the past 10 years, or has sat in on a business presentation can attest to how useful, and at times useless, Power Point like presentations can be. In fact, many people struggle to remember what a presentation like this actually covered. From the physical content to the layout of individual pages, many people struggle to remember. So why is this the case? Well, lets find out.

Similar Information

If you are going through a presentation, then changes are the majority of information is similar in some way. The problem is, that to much competing information makes it difficult to remember. ur brains have a significantly easier time remembering things that are very different, then very similar. On top of this, there is often way to much information packed into a presentation. Our minds are capable of many things, but require some time to process what we have experienced. Sometimes, when there is a great deal of information on slides, our brains will block it out, helping us to forget.

A Lack of Meaning

More often then not, information is just displayed on a presentation with little reason, beyond the fact that it is related to other pieces of information in other slides. Little attention is given to the narrative created through learning, where one interesting fact leads to another, building a story in our minds that we may not even be aware of. Instead, we remember. When it comes to slides in a presentation, more attention is given to how it looks then explaining what it really means. With more details comes an easier way for us to process, relate, and remember.

We Are Not Paying Attention

Simply put, we sometimes do not pay attention to things we should be paying attention to. In particular, slides and presentations lend themselves to being forgotten, especially when our minds are elsewhere. When we observe the world around us, individuals have the habit of paying only a small amount of attention. We focus on specific things, and rarely see everything all the time. When it comes to presentations and slides, most people do not create them with a specific point in mind. By focusing and making clear what is important, people viewing the slides will have a greater idea about what should be remembered.