5 Solutions to Ocean Acidification


One of the fastest and easiest ways that we can stop ocean acidification is to limit carbon dioxide pollution. The amount of carbon that exists has a massive influence on the world’s oceans. The results of this pollution are unpredictable and could be catastrophic. Here are some of the additional solutions to ocean acidification that are worth consideration.

1. Make this problem a priority.

Most people don’t even realize that ocean acidification is a problem. By building public awareness of this issue, it can become a top priority. Without our oceans performing as they should, the risks of a mass extinction event rise. This is why information should be distributed quickly and aggressively.

2. Reduce personal carbon footprints.

Although transportation networks produce a considerable amount of pollution, the activities from livestock farming exceed this. The amount of water that is consumed per pound of beef, for example, is over 5,000 gallons. Grain production to feed livestock requires high levels of emission-producing components as well. Eating sustainably grown animal products really can help our oceans.

3. Conserve water.

Just because others are not conserving water right now does not excuse our own behaviors. When we start to conserve water, others will follow. Be conscious of how much water is going down the drain unused.

4. Reduce the use of plastics.

One of the biggest issues contributing to ocean acidification is the amount of trash that exists in our oceans. Large areas of micro-plastics congregate in areas of our oceans, affecting sea life. By reducing or eliminating our personal use of plastic, we can take a small step toward creating a healthier ocean. Recycle the plastics that are used.

5. Conserve energy at home.

If we use less energy at home, then we add less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Simple steps, like turning off a light in a room not being used, can save a lot of power. You can also use shorter washing cycles, take shorter showers, and even look for forms of renewable or green energy to use through your power supplier.

The solutions to ocean acidification require education to be successful. We must be aware of what we do in order to influence the actions others take. Get active, become aware, and then be consistent. This is how we can begin to heal our oceans.