52 Effective Presentation Tips


There are many things that make a leader. One of them is the ability to stand before a room, and to give a rousing speech. Whether it is leading a country through war, or simply relaying the most recent financial accounting figures, working on your presentation skills will help you feel more confident and less anxious when you are in front of everyone else. To help you out, below are some skills you may be able to use.

A Narrative

A good story moves us. It is an experience that is far greater then any single fact or figure. Think of Starbucks. Starbucks sells an experience as much as they sell coffee. They weave a narrative relating to your expectations, enjoyment, and setting all to bring you in. When it comes to your presentation, make it a story. Have common themes run throughout your presentation. Refer back to interesting or funny things said earlier to make a point. Explain how the subject matter you write about changes or moves over time, and how that relates to your audience.

Be Clear About Your Message

More often then not, people create slides and presentations that have a great deal of information with little tying it together. One of the most helpful things you can do is to be very clear about your message. Make sure people know exactly what you are talking about before you go into the details. The more solid foundation you set, the greater the audience will know and follow along.

Slides as a Tool, Not As a Focus

When giving a presentation, a great deal of your success will come from you. Whereas your slides will contain information, you are the one ultimately talking to your audience. Surprisingly enough, you have the innate ability to inspire others. You can make something terribly boring interesting through your own excitement and body language. Focus on yourself and how you speak. Record your voice, and see how you sound. Use your slides as a tool to improve your ability to speak to the audience. From having comedic slides that appear as you speak, to showing something amazing that you are talking about, slides can be what make your presentation over the top. Try to practice with a friend and see what advice they have to give. With any luck, you will see yourself improving over time.