Benjamin Banneker Inventions and Accomplishments


Benjamin Banneker was known as the man of firsts, creating many astounding inventions during his lifetime. Banneker was the first one who engineered the striking clock made from Native American parts. This invention rose in popularity among people of many ages. His invention was made from pinions, wood parts, and hand carved. Banneker was also the first to track the locust cycle, helping farmers prepare for locust attacks and protecting crops.

Banneker was the first scientific farmer that incorporated water irrigation and crop rotation techniques. As a tobacco farmer, he would harvest his own crop leading to his discovery of many valuable tools for farmers. He was the first African-American to publish almanacs, playing a significant role in the agricultural economy. These were sold to the public between 1792 and 1799.

A Man of Many Firsts

Benjamin Banneker is considered the first high profile leader that worked with American and French abolitionists. Majority of the Founding Fathers that worked with Banneker during the Federal Project were slave owners. He was the first scientists that conducted a study on space and time, making him the person behind the revelation of Einstein’s Relativity Theory.

Banneker was the first to disclose his writings about the Sirius Star. He stated the Sirius Star was in two parts, not one. With the use of the Hubble Telescope at NASA, his claim was confirmed. Banneker was the author of the first pubic protest letter, written by the State Secretary. The legacy and contributions of Benjamin Banneker to the United States and world has offered many long term benefits to society.

Banneker served as the Assistant of Major Andrew Ellicott who was the Geographical General of America. He also provided astronomical calculations for projects and assisted with reconstruction plans for the Nation’s Capitol. Benjamin Banneker was the member of the Presidential team and was responsible for the implementation and calculation of the Treasury building, White House, Boundary Stones, and Meridian Street.

The Memory of Benjamin Banneker

The contribution of Benjamin Banneker to America will never be forgotten by many people. He was a large contributor to the economy and early stages of the United States. Many inventions were considered to be extraordinary and also serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of Banneker.

The United States will be forever grateful to the inventions and knowledge provided by Benjamin Banneker. The ingenuity, legacy, and genius of him will continue to impact the life of every individual in the world.

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