Boosting Your Brand on Kickstarter


With 5 years of success and over $1 billion in total cash raised, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that most people know about. It’s a good place to find funding for a new project, but it’s the best launching pad there is for a business that is already established. Look at what Reading Rainbow could do with 30 years of brand recognition.

Boosting your brand in modern terms means experimenting with what you can provide demographics that fall outside of your primary target customers. Innovation is the only way to go and Kickstarter provides a platform where the results of that innovation can be put on display. If you want to raise some cash and boost your brand, then here’s how you can use Kickstarter to help.

1. Start Testing New Projects Right Away

The estimated value of the crowdfunding world is estimated to be $100 billion annually. This means that only 10% of the total value has been tapped so far. In looking at successful projects like Ouya and Pebble, it is painfully clear that there are millions of dollars that are just waiting for the next innovative idea. Above anything else, Kickstarter supporters love a new gadget. There’s $13 million of proof in the Coolest cooler. Offer first edition or exclusive products, add some value to the rewards in other ways, and you’ll gain some attention.

2. Make Sure That You Can Validate The Market

This is actually a two-stage process. You’ve got to validate the market to your rewards-based consumers in order to get the first-stage funding that you’re seeking to boost your brand. When you are able to do that, then you can show this market validation to the next stage of backers who might want some equity in return for their investment. Either way, the public interest you gather will be beneficial to your business if you strive to show value. If you’re in it just to get an ego boost, you can actually hurt your brand on Kickstarter.

3. Spread The Word Loud and Clear

Kickstarter is another page that gives you internet marketing potential. You can provide a direct link to media resources and you can share that link on social networks. There’s the audience on Kickstarter that will always be there and there are always a random few backers who will just stumble onto your page and share a few bucks. Build brand ambassadors to share your value and that word of mouth will provide more awareness than anything else.

4. Make Your Campaign Message Clear and Concise

A confused backer is one that is going to avoid giving you money. What’s worse is that they also tend to tell others about how bad your campaign happens to be so that others tend to avoid it as well. You have one chance to leave a good first impression and 30 seconds in which to do it. Make sure your message is clear and concise so that you can share your message as effectively as possible.