Catherine Austin Fitts: The Coming Technocratic Global Takeover

The populist movement in 2016 made the global ruling class realize that they had a problem, which was no one was enjoying their system but them. As a result, they have used all of their resources to attack the symbol of this movement, President Trump as well as his supporters. Fitts points out that mind control is the number one problem we face in America and an important component needed for the populace to accept the "new normal" the globalists are promoting.


The Larger Plan

Are the government lockdowns designed to destroy the self-sufficient middle-class business owners? Catherine Austin Fitts claims that independent producers are being destroyed in an effort to make more people dependent on the government so they are easier controlled. She also speculates that the lockdowns are part of a real estate acquisition program. By destroying small businesses, or designating them “non-essential” new real estate will be freed up to be bought for pennies on the dollar. In a low-yield environment, globalist corporations can exploit this year’s events to provide greater yield on their investments.

Daniel Liszt, The Dark Journalist, discusses these issues and more with Catherine Austin Fitts.


The Dark Journalist: Stopping the Technocrat Takeover & Reset Regime! Catherine points out that the number one problem in America today is Mind Control! Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Former Asst. HUD Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts to the show for a breakthrough Interview of the Globalist Agenda being rolled out through the World Economic Forum. Catherine sees a totalitarian regime in charge of the “great reset” with the central controllers trying to keep humanity from discovering our personal power to stop them and make our own future!


  • Destroying Small Business
  • Transhumanism/Slavery
  • Mind Control/Entrainment
  • Missing Government Money
  • Black Budget
  • AI Robotics
  • Full Spectrum Dominance
  • NanoTech Dangers

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