CDC Autism Whistle-Blower Comes Forward and Tells All To The HighWire


The CDC Is At It Again

For those who read our 12 part series on vaccines, it comes as no surprise that suppressing evidence that is unfavorable to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry is just business as usual for the CDC. Now we have another whistleblower telling us the same thing about the CDC behavior. Dr. Judith Zimmerman is a former senior investigator for the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Monitoring in Utah. She discusses how protocols were not followed, and omissions were made when tracking Autism for the CDC.

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Dr Zimmerman talks with Del Bigtree from The Highwire and Mark Blaxill, Editor at Age of Autism. She tells Bigtree and Blaxill that the CDC is more interested in covering up autism than finding the true cause. Since Dr. Zimmerman left the CDC, the always rising autism rates actually dropped (on paper) for the first time. The decrease in autism is not backed by real numbers but manipulated studies that removed the high case states from the study. The interview is linked below.

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