Frontline Doctors Storm DC: Credible Doctors Are Being Censored Again!


More Medical Censorship

Bill Gates is not a doctor and has never practiced medicine, yet he can go on any platform or news channel and give medical advice and never once be fact-checked or censored. Not only is he allowed a large platform but he is heavily involved in making public health policy. There is a new video from a press conference with more than a few frontline doctors telling us about the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine and their success in treating COVID patients. These doctors are passionate about saving lives and extremely frustrated with the systemic suppression of Hydroxychloroquine treatment in COVID patients. As with many medical opinions that go against the mainstream narrative, they are being heavily and blatantly censored. Twitter even suspended Donald Trump Jr’s account for sharing this video. This is why we have provided links to alternative platforms so the public would not be deprived of this important information.

Here is the link to the uncensored video on Bitchute from Health Impact News.

Here is a link to the transcript of the video.

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