Granville T Woods Inventions and Accomplishments


Granville T. Woods was born in Columbus, Ohio on April 23, 1856. His life was dedicated to the development and invention of a wide variety of creations that impacted the railroad industry. Also known as the Black Edison, he improved the electric railway and provided a solution to controlling the electricity flow. This invention would go on to provide train engineers an ability to avoid colliding trains and minimize accidents.

Granville T. Woods attended school in Columbus until the age of 10. Majority of his skills were gained while on the job. He worked as an apprentice in a machine shop where he learned blacksmithing and other machinist trades. Woods attended night school and private lessons to increase his education and knowledge. By the year 1872, he was an engineer and fireman at the Southern Railroad in Missouri.

In his free time, Woods would dedicate time to the study of electronics. By the year 1874, he moved to Illinois and worked in a rolling mill. He than went on to become the Chief Engineer, fueling his passion to modernize the railroad industry.

The Passion of Granville T. Woods for Railroad

In 1888, Woods developed a system that helped conduct lines and overhead electric railroads. When he reached the age of 30, he worked hands on with steam engines and thermal power. In 1889, Granville T. Woods filed a patent for an improved steam furnace boiler. Finally in 1892, the full Railway Electric System was being operated in Coney Island, New York. The presence of Multiplex Synchronous Railway Telegraph provided the ability for moving trains and train stations to communicate with one another.

The Alexander Bell company purchased Woods Patent whereas he became an inventor for the company. The top inventions of Woods included a steam furnace boiler and air brake that would contribute to the slowing and stopping of the train. He also developed electric cars powered by overhead wires. His inventions played a significant role in the field of the railroad system and train station.

The legacy and contribution of Granville T. Woods to the economy of Ohio is considered one of the greatest achievements that only a few citizens can accomplish. The astounding inventions of Woods have played an integral part to modern civilization and leaves a legacy behind filled with knowledge and appreciation towards his inventions.

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