Hasbro and Indiegogo Are Inspiring Creativity


Large organizations have started to embrace what the crowdfunding economy can provide. Hasbro has taken note and partnered with Indiegogo for a fun reason: to encourage creativity. They want entrepreneurs to come up with a unique party game that could be the subject of its own crowdfunding campaign.

Submissions were offered through September 2015. Out of those submissions, 5 finalists would be chosen that Hasbro and Indiegogo would both promote. The entrepreneur who wins would then receive a $10k check and time with the marketing and manufacturing teams that Hasbro has. From there, the game would start taking steps to become a reality.

Games Are a Huge Part of the Crowdfunding Market

One of the most successful campaigns of all time on Kickstarter is a card game called Exploding Kittens. It raised $8.8 million, easily putting it into the top 10 of all-time programs at the time of this writing. Several other games have brought in six-figure funding results.

There have also been struggles in the games market through crowdfunding. The first-ever action taken against a crowdfunding project was against a board game that never made it to the market. The FTC stated that the company failed to refund the monies that backers pledged for the game.

The Hasbro and Indiegogo partnership looks to take this market to the next level. Even though there is one planned winner of this contest, there is a very good chance that Hasbro could decide to promote multiple games that are submitted for this contest.

Why Partner With Hasbro?

There is no doubt about how well Hasbro dominates the current gaming segment. Monopoly and Battleship have been played by millions of households around the world. The overall category brings in about $1.5 billion annually and Hasbro has two-thirds of those revenues. In a world where electronic games, tablets, and smartphones are all widely promoted, Hasbro has been able to stay strong with classic party and board games.

Now is your opportunity to get involved. If you didn’t meet the deadline to be included in the Hasbro and Indiegogo partnership, you can still create your own party game and design a crowdfunding campaign for it. Who knows? Maybe Hasbro might be giving you a call to back your idea as well.