The Great Awakening – A Documentary About The State & Fate Of America

If there was one film that everyone in America (and the world) should watch this year it would be The Great Awakening. The Great...

Zeitgeist: Exposing The Invisible Chains Globalist Use To Enslave The World!

We are living in a time of extreme social and political turmoil, which is when the greatest changes occur in society. However, as we...

Is Free Energy Possible In 2023? The Liberty Engine: Perpetual Free Clean Energy Generator

Are we heading into a new era of free clean energy for humanity? The production of free energy in the world would have so...




9 Sad Sierra Leone Civil War Child Soldiers Statistics

9 Sad Sierra Leone Civil War Child Soldiers Statistics

Sierra Leone had a decade-long civil conflict between 1991 and 2002 under the leadership of President Charles Taylor, where the Revolutionary United Front (RUF),...
Wind Energy vs Fossil Fuels

Wind Energy vs Fossil Fuels

When compared to fossil fuels, wind energy offers numerous advantages. There are also certain challenges that the wind energy industry faces when going up...

Your First Office Space: A Guide For Startups & Non-Profits

The time has finally come to pick out your office location. This is an exciting time full of potential and enthusiasm—it can certainly be...


Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

One of the most promising forms of energy comes from hydrogen fuel cells. Although no source of fuel is every perfect, there are certain...


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