Why You Need a Video for Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Making a Video for a Crowdfund

Videos may be considered only an option for a Kickstarter project, but can actually become an important part of your campaign when it comes to reaching your funding goals. While this may depend on a variety of factors, the following facts will provide you with some essential guidance.

Do You Need a Video for Your Project?

Statistics show that for nearly any project, videos and Kickstarter go hand and hand. Even if it is only a marginal difference in getting funded, choosing to include a video can still make a world of difference. Increasing your likeliness of meeting your funding goals are found to be more prominent among the music, comics, radio projects, podcasts, film, and hardware project categories. If you are unsure as to the type of video to include, look to other successful projects for ideas.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

Geographically, international projects have shown an increased likeliness of getting funded when a video is incorporated with their project. This will increasingly impact those from the UK, Germany, and Canada. In the United States, projects on the West Coast fare quite better when they include a video. No matter where you are at on the map, a nicely produced video can make a large difference in getting your project to become a reality. When starting your project, consider your audience. If you find that a video will help to strengthen your campaign and show your audience how the project would work, than you cannot afford to be without it.

The Pros to Having a Video

But what are the true benefits of using a video? You have an 85% chance increase in getting funded when you include a video. That’s a huge difference. Plus, videos can make it around 85% more likely that potential funders or customers will visit your webpage. Even if you do not get funded, videos can still serve to get the word out about your project, helping to advance your cause. In some cases, that is just something you cannot put a price on. So get started on the right track by including a video with your Kickstarter project today.