Who Invented Skinny Girl Cocktails


Born in 1970, Bethenny Frankel has made her way around the reality TV circuit. She’s made appearances on the The Apprentice, The Real Housewives of New York City, and has even been the focus of her own television series. She’s an only child and her father and stepfather were both horse trainers. Skinnky Girl cocktails came from the entire line of SkinnyGirl improvement line that Frankel created, which includes recipes and help with dieting. The cocktail company was sold for an estimated $100 million after being created in April 2011.

What else has Bethenny Frankel developed over the years? Let’s take a look:

1. Thinner Cooking

The whole philosophy of the Skinny Girl concept is to bring out the inner skinny person in all of us. That ultimately means being able to restrict the amount of calories that are being consumed without eliminating the flavors that are involved. She has created a number of cooking options through her brand that have allowed many men and women to embrace a skinnier lifestyle just by making a few simple key changes in how they approach cooking.

2. Instant Lingerie

Frankel is all about making life easier for the everyday woman. That’s the philosophy behind her line of instant lingerie. She hated wearing it, but her husband love it when she would wear it. Her line of items allows a woman to wear an item under a sweater or a blazer during the day and then have it ready to go when the evening rolls around. It solves a problem because it eliminates the hassle of needing to change after a long day.

3. Skinnydipping

Now Frankel didn’t invent the concept of jumping into the water while naked. What she did was write a fictional novel that sort of portrays her own life story in some ways. The lead character in this novel has her own business, is discovered by a reality show producer after struggling around for a bit as an entrepreneur, and then eventually hits it big. It’s part of the Skinny Girl line and a supplementary method of marketing, but fans of Frankel will find the book entertaining nonetheless.

4. Bethenny Bakes

Before the Skinny Girl concepts took off, Frankel had her own line of muffins and other baked goods. These cupcakes were gourmet in nature and a six pack would give you two muffins of three different flavors. Although it seems like a far cry from her current success in promoting a dieting philosophy that is based on reducing the amount of calories in a margarita from 700 to 100, it was still one of the ways that she was able to carve out her own way in this entrepreneurial world.

5. Natural Foods Chef

One of the most unique skills that Frankel has is her experience as a natural foods chef. This is the background that led her to the various product lines that she has created and why she has emphasized healthy eating with many of her different brand concepts. Love her or hate her, she has become successful because of one great niche idea and that’s something that anyone can do.

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