How to Learn from Past Kickstarter Success


Kickstarter is a pretty awesome crowdfunding platform, but not every idea gets fully funded. A quick survey of projects on any given day shows a lot of potential that just doesn’t get the cash that it probably deserves. How does this happen to some good ideas, but others can raise 3x, 4x, or even more than their initial goals? Here is what the best campaigns tend to do so they can raise the most cash possible.

1. They Wait For The Right Time

The market must be ready to accept your idea before it will be funded. Some products just end up coming out before their time is ready and that means funding goals won’t be achieved. If you spend time promoting the idea of your product and can show your targeted backers what kind of problems you can solve, then you’ll develop excitement for your campaign and that will lead to greater success.

2. Your Idea Has To Be Better Than Just Good

You need to have a great idea to get the most cash possible out of a Kickstarter campaign. It can’t just be an average, kind of good idea that anyone could put together with a computer and a couple hours of free time. It must be creative, awesome in several different ways, and be a game-changer in your particular industry.

3. You Need To Have Instant Success

People love to support a winner. If you can find instant success with your crowdfunding campaign, there’s no telling what kind of stretch goals you might be able to achieve. In order to get instant success, it is important to cater your ideas to backers before the crowdfunding campaign begins. If you’ve got people on board who will join from Minute 1 of your campaign, then backers will get excited and you’ll get a lot of strangers outside of your target demographic wanting to invest.

4. You Need To Have Specific Criteria Listed In Your Campaign

The more specific you can make your campaign, then the more likely it will be successful. Backers want to know exactly what you plan to do with the money that they’re providing you. They also want to know exactly what reward they can receive by supporting the campaign. If the value doesn’t match up in either place, then you’ll reduce the chances of raising the most cash out of Kickstarter.

5. You Can Never Be Closed

If you can respond quickly to someone who has a question or a need, then you’ll be able to show every backer that you truly care about them. This feeling must be present for people to invest more than just a baseline amount. That means your offices can never really be closed because the world is your backer and your next big backer could come from virtually anywhere. Don’t ignore that message or feedback you receive because it could be your key to a massive payday.

6. Be Willing To Take The Next Step

Sometimes you’ve got something bigger than you ever expected on your hands. It can be scary to take the next steps in the scalability of your product, but that’s exactly what you’ve got to do. Take a day or two to set meaningful stretch goals if you’ve already hit your target so you can be bigger and better. Solicit feedback from your backers that are supporting you to see what improvements they’d like as well.

Combine this all together and you’ll have a great chance to exceed your Kickstarter goals. It takes work to maximize the cash you can get out of this crowdfunding platform, but it is definitely worth the effort.