Making a Crowdfund Video that Sells Itself


It isn’t necessarily a requirement for a crowdfunding campaign to have a video associated with it, but if you can produce one, you probably should. Why? Because there’s a 66% chance that you’ll be more likely to raise the money for your campaign if you include this essential marketing tool. For a video to be effective, however, it must be able to work by itself to create excitement for your crowdfunding efforts.

You don’t need to have a video to go viral in order to be effective. Sometimes all you need is content within that video which can close the sale immediately on your behalf. If you’re thinking about how to create an awesome crowdfunding video today, then here’s what you’ll need to do.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Steal an Idea and Turn it into Your Own

Now if you just take someone’s video and call it your own, that’s not going to do you any good. It’s your product, your need for crowdfunding, and your video that needs to be created. What you need to do is imitate the greatest viral videos for crowdfunding of all time. Turn those concepts into something that works for your product or idea and you’ll have gold on your hands.

2. Tell the Story of Your Ideas Before You Sell the Product

People today are more interested in the story behind your product than the product itself. They might not have any need for the ideas that you’re pitching, but because they can relate to the story, they’ll invest anyway.

3. Make the Product Easy to Understand

You don’t want to treat backers like they are preschoolers, but you also don’t want the lingo of your video to be so advanced that only real rocket scientists will be understand what you’re saying. Turn your pitch into pictures, guide people along step-by-step through the concept, and you’ll certainly get better results.

4. Focus on the Human Element

People need to see how an idea is going to help them in some way. It doesn’t have to be something that is life-changing to be helpful either. If someone can print their own t-shirts for a price that’s better than purchasing designer t-shirts, then you’ve helped them in some way.

5. Let the Product Sell a Specific Experience

Not only do people want to see what problems your idea is going to solve, but they want to see living proof of this happening for someone else. That’s why a video for crowdfunding is such an essential tool. You can show real people doing awesome stuff and this naturally implies to the viewer that they can do the same thing.

6. Make Your Video Stand Out

One of the easiest ways for a video to stand out is through humor. Other emotions, such as creating something that is exciting or scary, can also work if it is an unusual or unique idea that you’ve got on film. You’ve got to be brave here because not every video that attempts to be these things actually succeeds. Gather feedback and have people you trust to give you honest feedback watch the video before posting it so you can tweak it as necessary.

You really can create a viral video for your new crowdfunding campaign. Include these steps in the creation process and you’ll be able to stand out from the competition.