How Crowdfunding Can Change the Future


There is a lot of excitement building for business crowdfunding and lots of families have benefited from medical or emergency crowdfunding so that a tragedy doesn’t have to bankrupt them. What you may not be aware of is the fact that there are some surprising new ways that crowdfunding can change the future too. If you haven’t gotten involved with these platforms yet, then do so today and be apart of something special.

1. Pave

This crowdfunding platform allows backers to invest into the next generation that is growing up. Pave matches up young people who are looking for a little help and backers who want to create change in the new generation. Backers put the money in now and then the kids will pay a portion of their income over a set amount of time. It can cover skill development, business opportunities, or anything that goes beyond the day job. The goal is to provide backers with a 7% return.

2. SoFi

One of the biggest growing forms of debt that exists for Americans right now is student loans. Once those loans go into default, it can set back someone a decade or more – especially if they can’t find a decent paying job after graduation. Before that default occurs, look at SoFi, which offers student loan financing that is funded by accredited backers. Having a load of debt hanging over your head before you even get started in a career isn’t really a good start. SoFi is saving students an average of $9,400.

3. Crowd Settlements

Instead of calling J.G. Wentworth to get a fraction of your structured settlement in upfront cash right now, try going onto this alternative crowdfunding platform instead. Backers can get involved with a solid, secure investment, get a good return, and those who need cash now can get a better rate because accredited backers get to bid on the settlement that is being offered.

4. Experiment

This niche crowdfunding platform looks to help fund the next set of scientific advancements from which the world can benefit. It’s a pretty simple process. A research team just posts a campaign and asks for funding, a lot like Kickstarter. Instead of a reward, however, backers get updates on research progress, a look at lab notes, and other behind the scenes access that isn’t normally seen in today’s research.

5. Fundbox

Some might not call this platform “crowdfunding,” but it allows a business owner to fund the cash liquidity gaps that ever starting business faces. While awaiting payments, this platform provides a short-term advance to cover and shortfalls that are being experienced. Invoices are uploaded into the platform and they can see what the fee will be to get the money now. If agreed upon, then the business owner approves the fee, gets paid, and then pays Fundbox back once their customer pays the invoice in question.