Pros and Cons of Bioidentical Hormones


Bioidentical hormones are like the chemical molecules that are strictly identical to human molecules. When they are used correctly, they are completely safe. It is believed that bioidentical hormones will not only improve the quality of life that people have, but also the quantity of life as well. Hormone replacement therapy has become something that is help treat a number of the conditions that people face on a daily basis. The only problem is that many “all-natural” options are finding their way to the hormone replacement therapy market and fooling people into believing that there are medical benefits.

Before taking any hormone replacement therapy, as you read with bioidentical hormones, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons of having the procedure completed.

The Pros of Bioidentical Hormones

1. It provides an emergency dose hormones.
If someone is on a hormone replacement therapy or requires hormones for a healthy life, there can be times when those hormones are in short supply. When nothing else is working and there is nothing else available, bioidentical hormones can provide someone with that emergency dose which can get them to their next official treatment.

2. It is better than the chemical option.
The reason why hormones work in any form is because they replicate what the human body needs, but may be lacking. The hormones that are created by your own body are far superior than any others that can be used. Bioidentical hormones, in the view of many, are the next best thing. That’s because they are unnatural alternative to an artificial medical treatment.

3. It may provide additional nutritional values.
Because many of the bioidentical hormones that are created are plant-based, there is the possibility of an infusion of needed vitamins and minerals that could lead to overall better health.

The Cons of Bioidentical Hormones

1. Bioidentical hormones are not actually identical.
This treatment is created by isolating a strong component of a plant. Once this component has been adequately isolated, it is subsequently altered within a laboratory environment so that it can have hormone-like qualities. This means that it is missing the multidimensional foundation that the human body requires of a hormone. With so much of the source plant stripped away, any supportive functions that it would naturally be able to provide are no longer viable.

2. They provide no nourishment.
The body needs building blocks in order to create natural hormones. Bioidentical hormones do not allow the body to build any additional hormones on its own. Whatever is given as a bioidentical hormone treatment will be capitalized by the body and another treatment will be required.

3. It prevents the body from creating hormones.
If you’ve ever worn a cast on your leg for two weeks or more, then you’ll remember the shock you saw at the difference of muscle tone as tissue in the casted leg compared to the leg that was not in the cast. When supports are put in place, the body loses the ability to work naturally. It begins to rely on the supports instead of its own natural process.

Hormone replacement therapies are something that needs to be taken very seriously. By weighing the pros and cons of bioidentical hormones, you’ll be able to make the right choice for your own health today.