How to Close a Presentation


Whether you are a business professional or a student, you will be required to give a presentation at one point in your life. With that being said, it is imperative that you find a way to close your presentation with a bang so that your audience is not only intrigued but also more informed. It can be difficult to determine how to close your presentation without a sufficient amount of experience, therefore here is a list of 5 tips that you can use to make sure that you effectively close off your speech.

Tip 1: Creating a Challenge

One of the best ways to keep your audience interested in your presentation after it has concluded is to create a challenge for them to complete. Convince your audience that what you said was try by telling them to do it for themselves and see the results. You can also consider challenging them to do something out of the ordinary or to do something that will better themselves. They will appreciate you for pushing them out of their comfort zone.

Tip 2: Using Quotes

There have been thousands of influential people in the world and out of those people, someone must have developed a quote that reiterates the entire thesis of your presentation. Using a quote helps to push your audience a step further to understand the meaning behind your presentation. Once you have said your quote, leave the presentation area with confidence as this will help to make a statement.

Tip 3: Using a Story

Audiences love stories and you can use this to your advantage. Start telling a story at the beginning of your presentation and finish it with your closing. This will keep them entertained throughout the entire speech as they will want to know what happens at the end. Not to mention that referring to the beginning of your story will help to refresh your audience’s memory.

Tip 4: Repetition

Finding ways to repeat your point without becoming redundant is a fantastic way to keep the mind of your audience working. Tell them what it is that you are going to tell them, tell them the thing, and then tell them what it is that you just told them.

Tip 5: Asking

The final tip for effectively closing your presentation is to simply ask your audience to do something. This will help you to gather a reaction out of them and to help them remember the point of your presentation.