How To Create a Stunning Kickstarter Video


One of the key components of any Kickstarter campaign is the marketing video that is included on the page. Campaigns with videos draw about twice the amount of traffic and pledges as those without a video, so creating one is extremely important. Having a video that is truly influential is even more important. That’s why knowing how to create a stunning Kickstarter video is so important.

Here are some of the proven video tips that have brought people Kickstarter success in the past and could bring you success in your next campaign.

Tip #1: Don’t Go Crazy

It isn’t necessary to completely re-invent how to make a video. There are certainly videos that have transformed the media industry, just as Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, but it is more important to have a clear, concise strategy and pitch. Focus on the product and what problems it can solve. Show people how it can solve it. Take a look at successful videos from similar Kickstarter campaigns and use those elements in your videos as well.

Tip #2: Switch It Up

Most people have a 30 second attention span at best. This means your video needs to switch views every 30 seconds maximum to keep someone’s attention. If you keep a static video, then you’ll create boredom. When people are yawning, they aren’t contributing. Jump cuts and transitions will be your friends in the design of your video. Be sure to use them.

Tip #3: Production Value Matters

If your video makes people feel uncomfortable, then they aren’t going to contribute. Nothing makes someone feel more awkward than watching a video that has different sound qualities to it. If you add in poor lighting value to the mix, a lot of people are just going to think that you hurriedly threw together a video to try to take their money. Good production values mean you put some thought into the video.

Tip #4: Avoid Infringement

One of the biggest traps of a video on Kickstarter is the improper use of footage, images, or sound effects. If you don’t properly attribute items or are using stock footage that doesn’t allow for commercial use, then you can still get into trouble. If you use the work of anyone else in your video, make sure to get their permission to do so – in writing.

Tip #5: Size Matters

The length of your video matters. People today aren’t generally going to donate 15 minutes of their time to watch your sales pitch. You can follow all of the rules of making a great video, but at the 3 minute mark, people will lose interest. By 5 minutes, most people have lost interest. Condense your sales pitch into a 3 minute or less overview of the project that shows off the value of your product and you’ll be in better shape.