How to Turn an Obstacle into an Opportunity


It’s time to stop looking at obstacles as problems with no upshot. Consider instead the idea of regarding each obstacle as something that also comes with potential benefits, and you’re going to find those obstacles becoming things you can profit from in a variety of ways.

How To Transform Obstacles

History has tons of examples of people taking the obstacles in front of them, and using brilliant strategies to discover hidden benefits inherent in virtually all problems. You can do the same:

1. Change the way you look at things: Start looking at problems as opportunities. When you alter the way in which you approach problems, you alter the way you’re going to deal with said problem.

2. Don’t focus on the negative: For example, if you have to pick up the slack for someone on a group project, focus instead on the opportunity to become even more familiar with the particulars of the project.

3. Establish movement and momentum, and never look back: Dealing with a potential problem means knowing you can handle the problem, and using that thought to establish instant, unshakable momentum.

4. Don’t be afraid to be wrong: You can learn from your mistakes. You can discover new opportunities to reach even greater heights.

5. Appreciate the established processes that are commonly associated with your problem: If you feel overwhelmed by things, take a moment to step away, familiarize yourself with the processes available to you, and plan your next move accordingly.

6. Value progress over perfection: You don’t have to change the world. You just have to do what needs to be done, in order to accomplish your goals.

7. Consider the indirect approach: You don’t have to focus everything on a direct attack. Sometimes, certain problems need to be considered from a variety of different angles. Consider the value of the flank attack.

8. Keep in mind that fighting isn’t always the answer: There are going to be times in which the best way to deal with a problem is to simply hang back, and allow the problem to unravel itself to some degree.

9. See problems for what they really are: Instead of being intimidated by the size and scale of a problem, look at your situation as an opportunity to become a better person.

10. Consider the needs of others: Can’t solve a problem to your satisfaction? Imagine how your progress might benefit others.

You can do it. No matter what you’re dealing with, you can achieve the greatness you desire to achieve.