Leonardo Da Vincis Inventions


Leonardo da Vinci might just be the most famous inventor of all time. He’s often considered the foundation of the worldwide Renaissance movement and even is paintings are considered some of the very best examples of human creativity. He was a botanist, a writer, a musician, and many of his designs are still utilized in some way to this day. His scientific drawings, such as the Vitruvian man, is a classic example of studying the proportions of man.

The ideas that da Vinci had and even diagrammed were often too complex for the materials of his day, so many of them were never conceived. Here is a look at just some of the inventions that da Vinci conceived during his life.

The Anemometer

Leonardo da Vinci always had a fascination with flight. He created several sketches of flying aircraft, some even reminiscent of the modern helicopter, which he called the “Aerial Screw.” It is believed that this love of trying to fly led him to create the anemometer, which is a device that measures the speed of the wind. His idea was to modify current technology so that wind speed could be converted into a distance measurement and this could be then translated into an observation of force.

The Parachute

It’s true that da Vinci isn’t credited with the invention of the parachute, but he did conceive the idea during his lifetime. His idea was to create a wooden frame that was covered with canvas, so the weight of the device that da Vinci conceived may or may not have actually worked. His design was also triangular in nature, so it may not have had enough wind resistance.

As with many of his ideas, this was one invention that he never turned into a practical technology, but in the year 2000, a da Vinci parachute was built and the person who used it noted that it was a better ride than what we would consider a modern parachute.

The Ideal City

No other inventive idea from da Vinci speaks to the imagination like this idea does. The Ideal City came about after Milan lost nearly 1/3 of its population to the plague. Leonardo wanted to create a city that would have better sanitation features, provide people with more services, and have better communication so that people could stay safer.

The first change he utilized was a series of canals which would be connected so it could be used as a primitive sewage system. His city had wide roads so that there wouldn’t be traffic jams that would contribute to the spread of disease. There would be specific stables for horses and even fresh air vents placed throughout the city. It never became a reality, but many of da Vinci’s concepts are used in city planning to this day.

Leonardo da Vinci wore many titles, but we remember him for his inventions. As his drawings are transitioned into creations, his true genius is being realized still to this day. What is your favorite idea that da Vinci had?

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