Lori Greiner Inventions and Accomplishments


Fans of Shark Tank will instantly recognize the name of Lori Greiner, who is an investor and personality on QVC. She once worked for the Chicago Tribune while attending school and her degree focus was actually Communications, with an emphasis on journalism and television. As with most inventors of today, she created it to help herself, but was convinced that others could use it as well. Her inventions have grossed over $500 million in total sales. Greiner holds over 120 patents and has created over 400 products, but here is a look at some of her most famous inventions.

Jewelry Cabinet

Many of Greiner’s inventions have to do with storage, but none may be more important than her fully redesigned jewelry cabinet. It allows removal and access of jewelry pieces in a convenient way and has defined spaces for storage that prevent damage from occurring. The door of the cabinet extends from the top to the bottom of the cabinet and it stands in an upright position so that the back wall forms and angle to the horizontal plane. There are a number of variations on this design that Greiner has invented to either improve on the initial design or create different cabinets that work in different ways.

Swivel Organizer

One of Greiner’s first successful inventions was a jewelry organizer that could hold 100 pairs of earrings successfully. Her swivel organizer is intended to store a number of different vanity items and it also includes a cabinet that can help to maximize the storage space of the swiveling device. It rotates a full 360 degrees and allows for a maximum level of storage at home. Many of these organizers are incorporated with Greiner’s cabinets.

Improved Cooking Tools

When you’re cooking at home, what do you do with your cooking utensils when you need to let something cook? Do you set them on the stove on a little spoon that needs to be washed later on? Greiner has invented cooking utensils that hang from the inside of the cooking pot so you can have less mess. The handles are heat resistant as well so you won’t have to worry about burning your hands on the handle when it’s time to stir the food once again.

Prep N Pop Vegetable Helper

This versatile little invention helps people to prep and peel their vegetables in a time saving way. It is also used to “pop” items up from where they are cooking in a hands-free way. You can slice vegetables without risking a cut to the hands and you can even use it to flip meat over that’s being pan-fried or broiled without risking oil splatter or burns.

The Collapsible Strainer

When you’re ready to drain water from your pasta or maybe your vegetables, a strainer or colander is a handy item to have. You simply put the food into the strainer and the water goes into the sink, leaving you with the food, right? Storing the traditional colander or strainer can be difficult, however, because it’s essentially a large bowl. Greiner came up with the idea of having a collapsible strainer that lies flat. You just put it together into the bowl shape when you need it and it locks into place so you can get your food prep chores done fast. When done, just clean it, flatten it, and store it where you want.

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