Madam CJ Walker Inventions and Accomplishments


The real name of Madam CJ Walker is Sarah Breedlove McWilliams. She was born in the rural area of Louisiana in the year 1867. Her parents were former slaves, however, when she reached the age of 7, her parents died. Madam CJ Walker and her sister worked in the cotton fields in the country of Vicksburg and Delta Mississippi. She got married at the age of 14 and had only a single daughter, born in the year 1885. After two years of marriage, her husband died.

After the death of her husband, she decided to travel to the city of St. Louis with her 4 barber brothers. It was here she worked as a laundrywomen to save money for the education of her daughter. she became a part of the Association of Colored Women. In 1890’s, Madam CJ Walker suffered from a scalp ailment, causing her to lose her hair.

Madam CJ Walker would feel embarrassed about her appearance leading her to conduct a wide variety of experiments with products and hair growing remedies made by Annie Malone. In 1905, Madam CJ Walker began working as a sales agent for Annie Malone causing her to move to the city of Denver. It was here she met her second husband by the name of Charles Joseph Walker.

The Hair Grower Invention of Madam CJ Walker

After their marriage, Madam CJ Walker starter her own business selling a hair growth products that contained a healing formula for the head and scalp conditioning effect. To market her products, she gave demonstrations to clients throughout the South Denver area. By 1908, Madam CJ Walker opened her own college in Pittsburgh designed to train culturists.

Walker System of Madam CJ Walker

The walker system of Madam CJ Walker included a wide range of cosmetics and walker agents. Her Walker Schools provided personal growth and employment to almost 3,000 Black women. The aggressive skills and ambition of Madam CJ Walker led her to become a well known African-American billionaire.

The secret used by Madam CJ Walker during her success was applying hard work, perseverance, faith in God, honest business dealings with clients, and providing high quality products to the masses. Madam CJ walker died at the age of 52 passing her business down to a trustworthy employee, Marjorie Joyner. With her added business success, Marjorie Joyner invented a Wave Machine that rose in popularity among black and white women. This inventive provided the ability to have long lasting styles of wavy hair.

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