Neolithic Age Inventions


When we think of the Neolithic Age, we often think of the beginnings of what we’d call modern humanity. It is a time when people awoke from their mental slumber to begin creating, improving, and ultimately taming the world around them. In order to do this, the Neolithic people needed to create inventions that would help benefit themselves and their societies around them. Here is a look at some of the inventions that are associated with this age.

1. The Wheel

The Neolithic Age occurred essentially around the end of the Stone Age. It was a time when people were looking to make their lives easier where they could and that’s where the invention of the wheel came into being. By being able to displace weight on the wheel, it became easier to haul items between various points and even haul heavier items than before. One could say that the invention of the wheel is the backbone of many other inventions that we use today.

2. The Millstone

There are lots of food products all around you, but all you’re doing is boiling them in water to make them soft. Then someone comes up with an idea – what if we could chew into the grain before we boil it? What would happen then? That just might be the circumstances behind the invention of the millstone. Grinding grain between two stones is the oldest method of creating flour and that dates back to the Neolithic Age.

3. The Pot

If you found a large spring with lots of fresh water and you had no way to carry it back home with you, what would you do? The invention of the pot brought about the ability to not only carry water back and forth, but cook grain more effectively and even collect milk from the livestock. Some of the earliest pots were made of either stone or the intestines of animals that had been butchered previously for their meat.

4. The Loom

Since the dawn of time, humans have realized that they were naked. This has caused them to seek many forms of personal cover, including the leaves seen in some of the ancient stories of Adam and Eve. The end of this Age also brought about the ability to weave fibers into a cloth and the machine that was required to have that happen, the loom. By using a loom, people could stop skinning animals to make their own clothing or cobble together items from the various plants that surrounded their community, allowing them to create their own looks and even begin thinking about cloth dyes.

5. The Oven

Being able to bake items is considered a daily chore for many households, but baking hasn’t always been part of the human experience. In the Neolithic Age, it was discovered that foods could cook faster and grains could turn into other food products in a covered firing pot. This allowed for more food to be available to societies and ultimately bring about future improvements because people weren’t hungry any more.

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