Pros and Cons of Animal Rights


Arguments on animal rights seem to be never-ending without anyone getting to a real conclusion. Though most people tend to agree on these privileges most of the time, it is not always the case. True information about this is highly valuable, so we uncover to you the pros and cons that surrounds this matter.

Pros of Animal Rights

1. They can save animal lives.
When animal testing is conducted, the subjects would get hurt. Though there are products that might not directly hurt them, they can still affect their natural behavior, causing them to suffer through the remaining days of their life. Plus, a lot of the products used on animals were not really approved for human consumption, and this is something that should be fought for.

2. They eliminate the huge costs spent on animal testing.
Animals require special care, food and shelter, which add up to the overall costs of animal tests that are generally experimental and are not a hundred percent sure that they will be completely conclusive with regards to the results of a specific medicine on humans. Also, tests that only have long-term results can end up being incredibly expensive, since the test subjects would require special treatment until results are obtained.

3. The prevent tests that might be unreliable.
Though some animal experiments are helping us improve in the field of medicine, it is not always the case considering some very specific situations. Some animals are largely different from human beings, which mean that these tests would not be completely conclusive in terms of human health.

Cons of Animal Rights

1. They compromise the reduction of risks for humans.
Conducting tests on animals ensures that, if something goes wrong, no human will be harmed. But though this ultimately saves human lives, it would still not justify that it is fine to sacrifice animal lives. On the brighter side, exposure of human beings to potentially dangerous substances is reduced, and diseases will be prevented.

2. They prohibit safety tests.
With the huge amount of substances in the surroundings today, we can confidently assume that some of them might be bad for us. And, it would be unethical to perform tests on people without proper consent, so it might be best for us to understand how safe the things we use on a daily basis through animal testing.

3. They can stall the development of new products and medicines.
Testing products on animals might be harmful to them, but many people strongly believe that human life is more valuable than that of animals. Either way, animal experimentation can greatly aid in research of new products and medications, speeding up developments in the medical field.

Some people support the use of animals in testing and determining the safety of new products and drugs on human beings, while others believe that animals should never be used in laboratories and that there are alternative solutions to this. Without a doubt, there are many factors involved in this debate, but by weighing its pros and cons, you can come up with an informed decision on your end.