Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks


The fast-paced lifestyle of people these days has led to the feeling of exhaustion and being burned out at the end of each day. In fact, most can’t last until midday as they can’t get enough energy boost from coffee as they used to. As a result, they are left with no choice but to seek the alternative of caffeinated beverages in energy drinks instead.

Many companies selling energy drinks have even made a fortune out of this, as most of the working class not only patronize them to quench their thirst but actually believe it will be impossible to last a day without them. In fact, others tolerate this option as they think it can boost their performance at work. As it turned out to be, many have seen the impact of energy drinks including addiction and other health concerns.

People have become too dependent as they need extra boost to last the day and to spend some more time to enjoy with their family or friends after work. Having said that, there are concerns regarding the consumption of energy drinks on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, families are beginning to wonder how it will affect the health of their loved ones seriously being reliant on this type of energy enhancement product. To give light into this issue, here are a few of the pros and cons of energy drinks.

List of Pros of Energy Drinks

1. Provides Energy Boost.
A person consuming energy drinks will be able to perform the tasks on a daily basis without getting exhausted easily. People who have a very busy lifestyle can rely on this type of beverage so that they can last the day, especially when faced with tough moments. Having a better taste compared to tea or coffee, it has become part of the daily routine of people with challenging professions.

Additionally, those who have little children can rely on these beverages to keep them on the go. Understandably, they are often challenged to be awake during the night to tend to their needs. As a result, they become drowsy the following day which can affect their performance at work without consuming energy drinks.

2. Boosts Performance During Workouts.
Those who love going to the gym can really appreciate the boost in performance that they can get with energy drinks. This is due to the fact that it can take them way past their limits and will enable them to push themselves even longer. As a result, it can build a lasting positive impact to their bodies and their self-esteem.

So if a person can ignore the normal limits out of working out, it can provide more benefits from the routine. This can’t be possible without a little extra boost to keep them going. Coffee can be a little out of place in the gym, so the consumption of energy drinks should be the right choice.

3. More Convenient than Drinking Coffee.
A busy lifestyle can sometimes affect the daily routine before going to work. So instead of taking some time to make a cup of coffee for breakfast, it can be a lot convenient to grab a pack of energy drink and keep it cold in your fridge. This can be a lot easier than sipping a hot cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning which will require you to spend forever while you are running out of precious time.

List of Cons of Energy Drinks

1. Can Cause Weight Gain.
One of the effects of energy drinks is the possibility to gain weight for those who consume them on a regular basis. Aside from being high on calories, it also has very high sugar content as it comes with lots of artificial sweeteners.

People drinking more than one bottle of energy drink per day can cause their weight to spike. So those who are regular energy drinkers are advised to keep it up to the minimum to avoid this from happening.

2. May Cause Some Health Hazards.
The habit of people taking in huge amounts of energy drinks which is more than their normal intake can lead to serious risks. This is because it can cause some irregular heartbeats, particularly to those who have become reliant on them, leading to unwanted cardiovascular effects.

Moreover, there were reported cases that it can lead to the increase of the blood pressure of a person which can cause some extreme cases such as heart failure. That is why it is very important to monitor the daily intake of such beverages to avoid health issues.

3. Affect Daily Performance.
Sources say that the consumption of energy drinks on a daily basis can affect the ability of the person to complete daily tasks properly. The moment a person gets to become reliant on these beverages day after day, the tolerance level can rise dramatically. As a result, it can lead to the increase of daily intake which only achieves the same impact.

Basically, people drinking too much of these can experience some fidgety feelings, nervousness, and slip-ups. These effects can hinder their performance, as it can also make them more irritable and some feelings like those who have consumed too much coffee.

Some people think that it will no longer be possible to back out from their daily routine of drinking energy beverages on a daily basis. Others even increase their dosages as they have become more addicted to its impact. However, it depends on the discipline that a person has for himself in terms of the consumption of energy drinks.

Based from the pros and cons of energy drinks mentioned in this article, perhaps it can awaken those who are still confused on whether or not to keep consuming a beverage with positive and negative characteristics.

Perhaps it would always be in the best interest of the consumers to take energy drinks in moderation. This might be the best possible option for those who are heavily reliant on these beverages to avoid the adverse effects on health and performance.