Pros and Cons of Fascism


There were mistakes made under the right wing nationalist ideology known as fascism. Because of this, it acquired a pretty bad standing in history. However, despite being treated as incredibly evil and terrible, there were some points that can be said positively of it. To justify these claims, it is important to follow its pros and cons as stated in this article.

List of Pros of Fascism

1. Equality among Classes
A fascist government is totally authoritarian in nature which has great influence over a country’s higher classes. Due to this ideology, the most affluent of the citizens in a particular country will have to share their wealth to the poorest. Hence, it can promote equality among these classes. Thus, there will be no extremely poor or extremely rich classes.

2. Gives High Priority to the Nation
The ideology of fascism also provides very high priority to the country which provides greater improvement to the national defenses and culture. In this case, it will increase investments in these areas to a greater extent. As a matter of fact, majority of the resources available will go to the cultural improvements and defenses of that country. This will improve the overall appearance of the nation for everyone around the world to witness.

3. Strictly Against Pollution
This type of government certainly focused on the welfare of the nation and its culture. So, it will be its best interest to tackle pollution as it can hurt the environment and culture of the nation. For this reason, the government will initiate efforts to eradicate pollution.

List of Cons of Fascism

1. Lack the Freedom of Speech
In some liberal governments, they usually allow citizens to express freedom of speech. Thus, they are able to think or speak whatever they think is right against the government. Moreover, people are even allowed to speak terribly in opposition to the government. However, in the fascism type of governance, this is not at all true. In fact, even the press will have to go through censorship before they can promote the government.

2. Lack Industrial Incentives
As the government has control over industries, it is not a wise decision for huge producers or businesses to invest in that country and then lose their authority to that nation’s government. Despite the fact that the government can create its own industry, operating as privately-owned corporation will not work. This is because ownership can affect in the development or improvement of the business.

3. Can Drain Funds of the Government
The initiative of focusing more on the improvement of the country’s defenses can lead to overspending from the government. This is because it may spend so much on militarization that will possibly drain the funds instead of spending it on social welfare. As a result, the country will have stronger military, which can lead to another issue of possible violation of human rights.

There are many other points that can be mentioned here to support or oppose the ideology of fascism. But perhaps it only needs a few to know why people way back in history treasured or loathed this type of government to some extent.