Pros and Cons of HIPAA


Privacy is important for many reasons. It allows people to live their lives in a way they wish without needless intrusions from other people or organizations. Some information about people is protected under HIPAA laws, with medical data most often protected. Here are the pros and cons of following this practice.

The Pros of HIPAA

1. Only people who have permission can access personal data.
Some random stranger can’t walk into a treatment facility and ask for details about an individual’s medical condition. Only those who have permission to access personal data can receive it thanks to HIPAA.

2. It applies almost everywhere.
As long as there is a privacy statement disclosure available, HIPAA can apply in virtually any situation where personal information would be exchanged. This may apply at work, at the pharmacy, or any other business location where personal information may be collected.

3. It has tiered levels of privacy.
HIPAA isn’t just a cookie cutter set of expectations that must be followed in every circumstance. It has different tiers built into the system so that varying levels of information can be released based on local laws and personal preferences.

The Cons of HIPAA

1. It can be difficult to help someone.
HIPAA even applies to first-level family members. If privacy releases have not been signed, then trying to help someone can become very difficult in situations where injuries or illness have caused an incapacity.

2. It creates structural difficulties.
Have you had to stand behind a sign as you wait to pick up some medicine at the pharmacy? That’s because of HIPAA. There must be a structure in place that protects a person’s privacy. If that structure cannot be generated, then that may stop business from being conducted.

3. It can be very confusing.
With the different tiers and different information flows, the average person may not even realize what a HIPAA violation may look like. They may share personal information without even realizing that they are because of the lack of general training on this matter that exists.

HIPAA is designed to protect as much individual privacy as possible. The pros and cons of HIPAA show that there are some definite advantages to this system, but only when we all know how it works.