Pros and Cons of Zoos


Zoos are established all over the world to provide a means for people to learn about wild animals without traveling to foreign lands and putting themselves in danger. But while they want to admire these creatures and learn about nature, there are those people who are wondering about the lives and circumstances the caged animals live in. Basically, issues are related to the environment, which are the subject of heated debates. To reach a considerable opinion about these matters, it is best to look into the pros and cons that come with it.

List of Pros of Zoos

1. They contribute to education.
When it comes to educating people, especially children, zoos play a very important role. As children are curious about the various animal species in this world, these establishments offers an amazing learning experience for them. You see, zoos guide people to see wild animals and inform them about how they live in a simulated habitat. This will raise awareness towards important issues regarding these creatures.

2. They can serve as safe havens for animals.
Zoos play a crucial role as far as animal rights are concerned. While many people argue that animals should not be put in these places, it is also important to look at things from another point of view—how animals are being hunted these days. Considering the risks these animals are facing, zoos can definitely act as a safe haven for them.

3. They employ a more humane treatment for animals these days.
Though it is a fact that animals were subjected to cruel treatment in zoos in the past, this has changed, where zoo animals these days are being treated in a continuously improving manner over time. Considering that these creatures are the livelihood of this type of business, animals are in fact starting to receive the treatment of kings. Aside from this, zoos that have mistreated animals have been penalized by law these days.

List of Cons of Zoos

1. They are seen as a cruel way to capture animals.
Considering that animals have their own rights to live in the wild, opponents argue that capturing animals is basically cruel, stating that this will destroy their routines and way of life.

2. They take away newborn animals their chance to see the wild.
Animals that are born in zoos would be mostly confined to their boundaries their whole life never to see their natural habitats. This results to them developing unnatural behaviors, as they are not in a place where they should be. If released to the wild for any reason, they will definitely have a difficult time taking care of themselves and adapting to their natural habitat.

3. They can be exploited.
While zoos are said to provide education about wild animals, most people would just visit them for recreational purposes. Also, some visitors actually do not care about the welfare of the animals in these establishments, where many would even throw objects at the animals and teasing them, which will have a negative effect on the animals.

While debates surrounding zoos go on, it would boil right down to them serving as a function as educational and entertainment for people. Based on the pros and cons listed above, what is your stand on this matter?